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chunksaah's Journal
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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
6:46 pm
hangover headache.... but i live.... how is everyone? (havent been on here since a while)

Current Mood: headache
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
6:31 pm
oi oi
i work at Giant (a grocery store) as a cashier, and the other day a lady comes in and yells at me for my store being "understocked" (im a cashier...) i love people like that, you know, if there is a problem to be had, they're havin it- wonderful! just wanted to let you guys know that im not dead- i miss the big H...
see ya,

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
10:03 am
whats been going on- i havent died yet
yeah ok, so theyre copied and pasted xanga entries from the past 3 weeks, deal with it!

wellllll we broke into a pool and swam around for a while and it was the coolest thing ever- upcoming shows- Free show Operation Ceasfire in front of the washington monument on sep 21 then theres the catch 22 show at the 930 club which i believe is on the 22 but i dont really know because im not at the site, and im tired! so all in all im out biotch- what the hell, ill review an album- were not happy till your not happy by reel big fish-

(other albums referenced in the review are for free here: http://cdzinc.com/K/32/rock/M_R/reelbigfish.html , WNHTYNH is too new to be on yet) (i used amazon.com's tracklist to write the review which is why it looks really freakin' weeeirrdd)

1. Fire- solid ska-punk song about fighting for a relationship- but like most of the songs on the cd written by RBF it is slightly depressing, but still a really bad ass song-

2. Drinkin'- another song written by RBF that makes them sound like they are depressed and that they have terrible lives, which is kind of strange considering Aaron (lead vocals) just got married to a pornstar or something.. songs actually pretty good, catchy but also funnily depressing, nice ska edge on this one, you can hear it quite well. for a super awesome song about drinking by RBF that is completely ska, listen to "Beer" on the album "Turn The Radio Off" (access all RBF albums for free at cdzinc.com) (dont ask me how that site is legal, i have no idea, but its the greatest site ever for free streamable music ;) )

3. Don't Start a Band- i like this song a little, but i also despise it, i mean come on, it has a great sound, even ska chords but they are blatantly telling you to give up during/before you even started! how dick is that? it kind of pisses me off that they sunk to this level, of course theyre trying to be funny and all (or so they claim). but i mean come on, theyre one of my top bands, and here they are telling me not to start a band, i mean DAMMIT! it depressed me quite a lot... at least they have AWESOME! to cheer you up afterwards...

4. A-W-E-S-O-M-E- this song is awesome, possibly one of the best on the album, i got addicted to this song, powerful, meaningful, ska to core! i mean, its the best song to describe explosive feelings, this song is AWESOME! god damn i love this song... basically the song is screaming with happiness- definitely brings the mood up from deppresents :)

5. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful- this song is really heartfelt because obviously it states that their friends usually turn on them and become successful leaving them in the dirt with nothing- for example, RBF has taken numerous bands on tour with them and had them open for them- No Doubt, Sum 41, Blink 182, The Starting Line- asshole bands like that, the only band to give back to the Fish was sum 41 who invited them on a tour with them as a thankyou for introducing them to the crowd.

6. Turn the Radio Off- this song is basically saying "fuck the mtv and fuck the radio, go pick up some cds of your own choosing, use the internet find what you like, not what the fuck everybody else likes" quite a good song for a statement, kinda catchy and all- songs like "big star" and "sellout" portray the same message- all three say fuck mtv with a smile

7. Talkin' Bout a Revolution- our first cover on the cd, this one by Tracy Chapman- one of my favorites on the cd, they took the song and made it into a two-tone flavored masterpiece, the original is quite good as well, search for that as well on cdzinc.com . excellent cover

8. Bad Guy- were back yet again to a more depressing mood, a funky sound with nice rock style guitar riffs. the horns are placed quite well in this song, all in all basically a funky non-apolegetic song

****9. Story of My Life- our second cover of the disc. this time its a Social Distortion cover, FREAKIN' AWESOME! this song describes a lot of my feelings- the Social D version is whats playing right now, basically RBF added horns and for some weird strange reason, dog barking... why? not sure, but whateva! its an awesome song, (listen to the social d one at cdzinc.com) some of my 35 words came out of this song ;)

10. Joke's on Me- lets cry again for Aaron! im sure by now youve realized what emo-ska is :..( his lifes a joke and the jokes on him- ha depressing, but great none the less, still upbeat, thats the good thing about emo-ska its not toooooo down low, its always just up enough to keep you alrightttt "everything went wrong in every way, there were no good ol days" how can you take that seriously?

11. One Hit Wonderful- this song is about a song that hit it big (sellout, off of Turn the radio off cdzinc.com) kind of humerous, because its true, its the dabble of fame that RBF had with the mainstream when in fact they were making fun of mainstream- kind of like greenday's American Idiot, RBF's Sellout is just making fun of the media, who eventually took the song that was making fun of them and aired it- ha, excellent-- this song is a one time listen too

12. Last Show- this song honestly scared the shit out of me, i had no idea about the state of the band and where was i when i first heard it? on the way to the airport in transit to russia, so i had no idea if RBF was breaking up or something, which thank god turned out to not be the truth- the songs pretty good i guess, like none of the RBF written songs except for maybe AWESOME!, it compares not at all to any of the songs off of "Turn the Radio Off" and "Why do they Rock so Hard?"

13. Say Goodbye- you want some good catchy-depressing break up songs? you got em! if there was ever someone you decided you hated so much that you never want to see them ever again, these two last songs will definitely make them despise you as well- "it feels so good to say goodbye when im with you i wanna die" - probably something you dont ever want to hear, but if you have a break up cd to drive someone to suicide, heres your first song!

14. Your Guts (I Hate 'Em)- and this last song would also make someone hate you, number two on your songlist for that break up/suicide cd-
if someone ever sent me these last two songs with real intentions man, my life would end- BUT id have to say these last two songs are incredibly hard to listen to- they just arent pleasing to the ear

(SECRET TRACK: sucks terribly and will blow your ear drums out if your not careful, it get super loud and painful- worst secret track ive ever heard)

all in all, this whole cd features aaron barett sounding like he had throat surgery or something- strange transition from all the other releases- a bit dissapointing as well... compared to their other cds, id give it a 5, cheer up a 4, turn the radio off a 9.5 and why do they rock so hard a 9--- seriously though go to http://cdzinc.com/K/32/rock/M_R/reelbigfish.html

alright peace,

i cant believe i just wrote that f*** sh** im dead now, an hour and a half went by-


my brothers and i went to warped tour the other day, in montreal, canadia which was pretty sweet- i mean, we got to road trip up there, and cross the border of a country that were all legal in- as you can imagine, it was utter sweetness- we got to montreal a day before the tour and hit the bars like starved human beings... oh yes indeed it was excellent! we ended up sleeping in phil's 2001 buick century- which meant nobody really got too much sleep so in the morning we awoke to phil starting the engine and driving to find the venue. we parked in the wal mart parking lot, got some little debbie snackies (honey buns if you must know:) ). we waited forever and then got into the big ol line- the reefer is a huge thing in canadiadia and we were overwhelmed by it all day, though we never once partook in it- the entrance to the tour itself cost like thirty bucks which was not bad in reality, it just sucked anyways... the tour was alright, one stage had a glorious line up in the order of something like mxpx millencolin offspring the murphys the transplants.. anyways, for you, heres a list of a few of the bad ass bands i saw (*= saw them, ~= didnt take too well to them, left set early in most cases) (not all bands listed)

Fall Out Boy*~
My Chemical
The Offspring***
Strung Out
Relient K
Dropkick Murphys**
Simple Plan (too bad they
are the worstband ever)
The Starting Line(faggots)
Senses Fail
Avenged Sevenfold
Matchbook Romance
Big D and the Kids Table**
The Matches**
Motion City Soundtrack
Hawthorne Heights
Reggie & the Full Effect*
Funeral For A Friend*
The Bled
Over It

alright well other then the bands at warped tour there was stuff like free energy drinks and free energy ice- some of the most terrible shit to touch my taste buds in a long ass time.. anyways, its really late and illl finish this tomorrow- oh eyah, the myspace thing... there was a tip jar that said: if you dont tip me tom will delete your my space profile- haha crazy stuff
nate out
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
3:46 pm
people are fat
tell me who is who on this chaotic site of fat cans.... by that i mean friends- so if you would please give me some other people who i could connect to that would be swell-


(same as before)

busy doing nothing at all....................................................................clubs!
... fignuts....

Current Mood: dont you just know...
Friday, July 8th, 2005
9:41 pm
putting something in here because kelliña told me too
and to see if anyone really cares.... yeah well anyways, i left germany the other day so now im finally stuckt in wisconsin, im saying finally because getting here sucked realllly bad, but what also sucked was that before i left i didnt even get to say goodbye to all the people who i wanted to which was probably the worst part of all of this.... (ahem amelia, kellina lozano ben) hmmm but anyways, after getting denied by mom to go the faint show myself, alex, chris and christiaan all went to the part of the hill on the otherside of the river up by the nazi ampitheatre and the old monastary ruins... and of course the tower.... we went to the top of this tower which overlooked the entire old town of heidelberg and the castle which made the entire thing specially sentimental- by the ways it was pitch black at about 12 am sooo we whipped out some fireworks we had, about thirty bottle rockets or so and started shooting them all over the god damn place off this crazy tower that i never knew existed in my entire three years at heidelberg... so anyways we shoot off this ton of fireworks over heidelberg and do crazy shit in the car and such- last night of heidelberg, TIME UP- i saw no one after we got back to our hotel which sucked quite terribly, now time for the journey of the planes. eight hour journey over to philly was awesome, nice seats and nice tv and movie stuff- then philly was helll, first our crew was late, second our plane broke half way out to the run way, third our alternative planes didnt exist, fourth when we finally got an alt plane it took forever to board, fifth there was so much air traffic that we were delayed another three hours sitting in this shitty plane waiting in a line of planes (soemthing you didnt see today[bitch]} finally we took off and then got to milwaukee at a time where we missed the FUCKING PIXIES AND WEEZER!!!! we would have made them at summerfest if our god damn plane had been on schedule... anyways, here is quite boring.... quite quite quite, today nothing happened, though i do get my drivers license very soon- get my permit on tuesday and i get my license soon after considering im turning 18 on the 19th. actually the thing that sucked most today was deleting my first entry by accidentally clicking on the question mark box on the left side of "tags", for this, i hate LJ, but thatll pass in about seven hours of boredom tomorrow- i had lots of stuff in there that i forgot writing so damn it to hell). well i originally wrote my first one at 4:18 am your time and now it is 5:02 am- stupid ass tags thing... well anyways, chris lozano, you must know this so im not the only jealous one- philoneous, my eldest brother got to go the Teenage Pajamas From Outer SPace Tour! featuring the the phenomenauts, the EPOXIES AANNDD THE AQUABATS!!!!!!!! he said it was fucking great, and they fought ten super villains and that the BAT COmmanDER died mid-set-- insane eh? well its very late/early/crazy, happy kelliña? GEEZ!
see ya later kids
i miss amelia.. i hope we meet again somewhere someday..

Current Mood: to get this damn post through
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